Document Center

Document Center

Document Center Template is a tailored site template that has many of the document management settings enabled by default.

Default functions:
1. Versioning : major and minor
2. Metadata navigational settings
3. Drop-off library (content organizer)
4. Document ID Search web part
5. Document breadk-down web parts
6. Upload document button

Ways to add a new document :
1. Upload a document button
2. Send to other location function
3. Via part of a workflow using the officialfile.asmx web service
4. Creating new document directly in a library
5. Through offline tools such as Outlook or SharePoint Workspace

Content Organizer and Send To Functionality:

Enable content organizer featrue:

Site Settings --> Site Collection Features--> Activate Content Organizer

It create new Drop Off Library, it acts as a routing mechanism for incoming documents.
Send To Function does not remove the original document fromt the source library; instead, it creates a full copy of the document in the drop-off library.

Content Organizer Rules:

These are rules to route the document to document library from the drop-off library.
Create content organizer rules:
Site Settings-->Content Organizer Rules

Create a Custom Send to Destination link:
Library Settings--> Advanced Settings --> Custom Send To Destination

1. Only one custom Send To destination can be created per document library, workflow can create multiple
2. By default, the Content Organizer Processing timer is set to Daily.

Metadata Navigation and Filtering:

These settings allow for the creation of custom metadata and for tag-based query Web parts to be placed on the Quick Launch toolbar.
Library Settings --> Metadata Navigation Settings


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