Configuring Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010

What are the new features in SharePoint Server 2010 Search?

  • Boolean query syntax has finally been introduced.  These include AND, OR and NOT operators in your search queries.

  • Suggestions whilst typing and after running search queries, a feature that we have come to love with major search engines such as Google and Bing.

  • Integrating SharePoint enterprise search with Windows 7, allowing end users to utilise the Windows 7 search box to locate SharePoint 2010 content.

  • Results display has been refined to provide filters for search results such as document type, categories and managed properties.

  • View in Browser capabilities, allows end users to view documents within their own browser utilising Office Web Apps and not having to rely on launching the necessary Microsoft Office Application, or even the need of having it installed on their local machine.  This is handy when browsing your SharePoint site via Kiosks and Internet Cafes that may not be running the Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Last but not least, there have been a number of improvements to People Search, including phonetic name and nickname matching, and improved relevance and self search.

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